see the big picture.  we present all the data you care about in a single operational 3D picture. here you can see the exact physical location of all equipment and components and connect disparate data sources for faster and more informed decisions.

common operational picture in real time. accessing data from enterprise systems and other data-warehouse sources combined with Real-time signals from scada, personnel tracking and emergency systems can get really complex. 
Visco eases the burden in your every day work by presenting all relevant data in one Common Operational 3d Picture where the information you need is right in front of you and easy to digest. 

VCOG smart 3d viewer lets you See everything in an interactive 3D virtual reality environment of your engineering assets.

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fit for purpose visaulizations: we tailor make great looking animations for technical purposes. these are integrated in Game based training systems for operations, hazop reviews and interactive procedures for cross discipline teams.

visCo makes complexity simple to understand, giving you a better workday.