By combining 3D graphics, film and programming we help you communicate better, learn faster and make more efficient decisions.

Everything we create is based on our philosophy of creating visuals and making sense. It is our imperative to create solutions that are intuitive, self-explanatory, visually pleasing and to the point.

Creating visuals. Making sense. Conveying complex subject matter with simple clarity. It’s what we do and it’s what we are passionate about.

Welcome to our visual universe!

Visco is prepared to serve the big ones

Over the last 10 years Tryllefilm, Diis, Visual Garden and Octaga have joined the team. They are all bringing their own brand of expertise to the table.

Today we count more than 100 employees and are located in Stavanger, Bergen, Haugesund, Kongsberg and Oslo.

During the last 15 years we have executed more than 2000 successful visualization projects to various complex industries.

As our experience has grown alongside a series of acquisitions, we have evolved into a total visualization management company that supports our client’s entire value chain.