In asset driven industries, the assets constitutes the centrepiece of your daily work. Why not walk up to it and investigate it like you were offshore?

VisMngt takes the virtual model to the tangible world with 3D printing and modelling.

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Bigatures, miniatures, call them as you see fit. These things are there to make an impression, either by sheer force of scale and detail or as a great tool for understanding and planning.

Bring your asset with you

Our 3D physical scale models are designed and built to be transportable, which facilitates effective product demos at events, trade fairs and meetings.

With VisMngt, the scale model is a complement to our animations, films and interactive presentations, boosting the learning scope.

A good physical replica model can make a major difference in the design phase of your project.

When people play out scenarios with a physical replica in front of them, the chance of making mistakes is drastically reduced.