Every customer has an important story to tell. We make it our job to listen to yours, before visualizing it fit for purpose to your target audience.


Creating powerful images is an art form. It requires thought and planning. Camera angle, colours, composition and contrast are factors carefully considered in order to evoke the desired response.

commercial Films

Our commercial films capture the essence of your unique message in a way that words and pictures can’t.

At visCo, we combine live film and 3D animations to create compelling stories about complex industrial themes.

Our in-house team cover everything from storyboarding, scriptwriting, animations, film, visual effects, soundtrack and voiceover.

Technical films

Your assets are technical. Our 3D animations & films communicate complex information without ambiguity.

Information films are all about telling a story that overcomes language barriers and strengthens comprehension at the highest level.

Good storytelling, art direction and careful editing allow visCo to control the impact of your message and illustrate your story clearly and concisely.