Creating visuals. Making sense

We are experts in Industrial Visualization. Telling complex stories with simple clarity is what we do and is what we are passionate about.


If people understand what they SEE they will communicate better, learn faster and make more efficient decissions and they will have a better day at work.


By offering a complete range of visualization products we can secure you the most efficient communication tool. 

Some clients enter into a Visualization Management partnership agreement where we take care of all needs for visualization and advise on every step to take.

A Vis Mngt agreement saves time and cost. By reusing visual material across multiple products in a lean production line we secure the "The 40% Effect".

We have capacity

We have the capacity to support your value chain from end to end.

Over the last 10 years VisCo has aquired Tryllefilm, Diis, Visual Garden, Octaga and Salt Pixel and joined them into one team.

Formed in 1993, we count 100 and are located in Stavanger, Bergen, Haugesund,  Kongsberg, Oslo, Houston, Nurnberg, Greece, Vietnam, Poland and Ukraine.

total supplier

We have executed more than 5000 visualization projects and have evolved into a Total Visualization Management company. A one-stop visualization company that covers all your needs for sales and marketing, concept development and project execution, familiarization & training and for operation, maintenance and de-commissioning.