Do you want to change status quo?

Do you see potential in dramatically changing status quo and creating a more efficient workplace by the support of advanced visualization?


Based upon YOUR work experience with subsea installations, platforms or plants, we want you to join vCog's game changing R22 program. Fill out the form

The whole industry is looking for improvements and we believe VCOG is a gate opener to more efficient operations simply because it appeals to our strongest sense, the eye, and represents physical assets in a visual way that everybody can relate too.

Our goal is to integrate visualization deeply into critical onshore and offshore business processes by blending VCOG with your operational experience and developing tools that directly support daily workflows in the industry.

You need field proven experience from contractors or operators, onshore or offshore, subsea or surface, maintenance or operation.


You must also have the capacity to see how visualization is more than “nice to have”, how it can improve everyday work, and together we will define business cases and present them to contractors and operators.

We are experts in industrial visualization and we have the technology and the host workspace. You bring your experience and the ideas you believe in. The work is compensated if we succeed, as you and your ideas will be part of the solution. Welcome to our visual universe. Let’s change the game!

VCOG ( is a Lifecycle Visualization Solution developed by VISCO ( Visco is a full-service visualization company headquartered in Stavanger.

Creating visuals – making sense, that’s what we do and that’s what we are passionate about.

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Do you want to change status quo?

Please fill in the form if you want to join the VCOG game changing program. This is a screening and we will reply with further actions within 10 days.

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