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Interactive theatre with multitouch

For this years ONS, Kongsberg Maritime challenged Visco to create a presentation that set them apart from everyone else. By integrating the very latest HW and SW technologies with realtime 3D visual content, Visco not only created a world class presentation, we created an entire customer experience with state of the art touchscreen theatre.

Having 11 of Kongsbergs vessels in large scale directed seamlessly by intuitive hand actions, attracted customers to enter the stand where sales personnel could dive down into the details and demonstrate technical aspects of the different concepts in realtime 3D. To complete the customer experience the presentation allows anyone to interact with the vessels intuitively and explore the concepts on their own.

Multiple users can interact simultaniously and look at the concepts from different angles while viewing animations, films and images. The overall solution not only solved the presentaton needs, but supported the overall effect at the Kongsberg Maritime stand, while supporting  KM's position as innovative industry leaders in the Maritime and Oil and Gas sectors.