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Analog Marketing

At visCo, digital 3D has helped our clients learn faster, communicate better and make more efficient decisions in every corner of the globe. But for all the value that digital 3D delivers, it will never replace people's fascination with our 3D prints. There is still nothing likeresting your eyes on a beautiful model with all its intricate details.

This is because as human beings, the ultimate interaction with objects and each other is in a physical world. This is where scale models attract attention and deliver an immediate visceral and often tactile experience that can surpass even the most advanced digital presentations.

They appeal to our imagination and place us in the context of our own relationship to the ship, platform, plant, building or piece of equipment. Instead of focussing all our attention on a screen, 3D prints give us the freedom to walk around, see any angle, look inside, point, explain and engage with others in live and direct conversation about the asset.

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