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Stand out from the crowd

Any planned upcoming events? Visuals at your show will increase the engagement from the audience.

Panorama Theatre for FMC Technologies since 2004 -

Interactive Presentation for Siemens Oil&Gas since 2010 - 

Interactive Presentation for Kongsberg Maritime since 2016 - 



visCo can create fit for purpose visuals that will help get the message across. An illustration, a film, an animation, 3D print or an interactive presentation. There are many ways to engage your audience. In this jungle of information it is crucial to be crystal clear on your message and to keep it simple. The audience is more impatient than normally, so in order to get their attention, you need to be selective on the messages. Visualization will help you in the way you communicate at shows. Visual elements at your stand will make your brand stand out. It's important with visual communication that reinforces the key messages, wether it's an illustration covering an entire wall, an animation on a big screen, a 3D print or and interactive presentation for the audience to explore themselves. visCo can help you with all these elements. 

Interactive Presentation for Framo since 2015 - 

Interactive Presentation for ClampOn since 2013 -