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Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing

We remember 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we read, and 80% of what we see and do. That's because Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, connect to emotions immediately and go directly into long-term memory where they are indelibly etched. What's more, text alone can be misinterpreted while visuals are easily understood, and combining text and visuals improves communication and learning by nearly 90%

At VISCO, we believe in Visual storytelling simply because it appeals to the strongest sense, the eye. VISCO stands for Visual Cognition, the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding from visuals as a reflection of personal experience. Good Visualization excites people, engages them, prepares them for information and delivers it as a sensory experience.    

When we consider that people are 44% more likely to engage with images on social media and Facebook posts with images or videos have 120% more engagement, then the message is clear; visuals are a more efficient way to channel information. Combined with 3D animation, film, technology and years of industry knowledge the business gains are otherwise impossible to exploit.

At Visco, we deliver the power of visualization with fit for purpose visuals that help you Communicate Better, Learn Faster and Make better decisions. 

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