we visualize giant projects, helping engineers and stakeholders navigate critical issues.

We provide a visual edge for your instructions to reduce risk and create worker confidence.

VISCO enables you to go deep and shed light on marvels hidden by fathoms of ocean and miles of rock.

Supporting the entire value chain

Multidiscipline stakeholders require access to different types of information throughout the lifetime of a field.

That's why we prepare an accurate 3D model and use it as the main focal point of your commercial and technical needs from start to finish.

we create animations for Sales & Marketing, Game based training systems, HAZOP run-throughs and interactive procedures for operations.

visCo works to reduce complexity, make it simple to understand and give you a better workday.

Norway has a long and proud tradition at sea. combined with our fit for purpose 3D applications, the maritime industry gains vital improvement in safety, procedure handling, integrated planning & logistics, maintenance and information management.

With visCo products and services you can reduce loss of time, increase efficiency and providde an all-around positive experience.

our work IS ABOUT SHOWING the real product in its working environment and enhancing that by visualizing COMPLEX ON-BOARD SOLUTIONS with simple clarity.  

The maritime industry is filled with advanced systems that deal with difficult tasks. This Technological complexity is inherently difficult to convey. 

- Visuals will help you communicate to your audience in a more efficient and powerful way.

We will collect, Organize and prepare all your engineering models in advance, keeping them up to date and ready for the prodUction of all your visualization needs.

Our VISUAL ADVISORS will follow any deliverable, offering on-site support to ensure that your trade-show, event or design review is executed according to plan.

From strategic overview to tactical action, We deliver 3D applications that enhance hardware-, vehicle- and field operation familiarization.

Visualizations, such as animations and interactive presentations can be a valuable tool for new recruits as well as seasoned personnel.

Train as you fight – fight as you train (Military philosophy).

visualization for defense:

Battlefield Training, Mission Planning, Equipment and vehicle familiarization & operation, Training for battlefield command and control and Information briefings.

visCo provides visuals for training, planning and operating.

without a complete picture, you could lose the battle.

Whether it's visuals to explain new technology & solutions to customers, or proven products in a new enviroment, visualization represents a world of possibilities.

in it
for you?

our aim is to improve the interplay between people, technology and business processes; and We know visualization is key to achieving this.

Focus on your core business while we put visualization to work for you.
Learn faster, communicate better and make more efficient decisions.

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GET MORE FOR LESSYou can save up to 40% on start up costs each time we re-use your 3D models and live footage. 

Urban projects are complex and often stretch through decades. Sharing your vision before it becomes a reality is an inspiring and highly informative way for everyone to understand what is coming. 

visCo provides a number of visual products that can tell the story to the various stakeholders in urban development.

The lifecycle of an urban development project represents many visualization needs. VISCO provides fit for purpose visuals that support each of them from start to finish. 

get everyone on the same page

scale and scope of projects can be so complex that the supporting information becomes fragmented. wE PUT IT ALL TOGETHER AND DELIVER IT WITH SIMPLICITY THAT EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS. 

visCo presents the project with “right visuals for the right people” so that everyone can understand and play their role

Having access to the right information at the right time is cruciaL, BUT... information is stored in enterprise systems THAT AREN'T CONNECTED TO the urban asset. 

visCo creates a virtual urban environment linked to all your data sources. This 3D virtual environment is a single entry point for communication, connecting people, information and the urban asset in the physical world.