VCOG is a new generation lifecycle visualization that provide a step-change in performance and a transformation in the way people in asset intensive industries work. What set VCOG apart is the “All-in-One” 3D environment, COGs with Fit-for-Purpose Visualization and the power of Analytic that combine spatial analysis and location intelligence with big data.


VCOG display entire oil-fields in one singular display. This All-In-One 3D environment is an exact digital replica of all components at surface, subsea and sub-surface. Its’s easy to use and you can move seamlessly around and dive into the innards, and every component is tagged opening the gateway to connectivity.

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COGs are vertical plug-ins to the All-In-One Environment supporting a diverse range of role-based units, that typically work with interfaces, spare parts, risk based assessment, commissioning, work permits, inspections, surveillance...

Every COG is tailored to directly support planning, execution and monitoring of THESE specific tasks with Fit-For-Purpose visualization. VISCO offer off-the-shelf COGs supporting work related to EPCI-, Preparedness, Operation and de-Commissioning. Read more…



Automate preparation of source material for Risk Based Assessment, Barrier Management, Commissioning and Shut-downs.

Reveals patterns across installations, digitalize rasterized information and populate the “All-In-One” environment with moving objects based on live position data.

Provides a dynamic operational picture that automatically display what you need when you need it supported by an intelligent navigation systems that points out the most efficient path to where you need to go.

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VCOG is for the entire Asset Community and is available anywhere anytime and and goes hand-in-hand with the new generation VR, AR and MR hardware.



Unlocks the human potential

VCOG stand for Visual Cognition, the mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through visualization.
Creating visuals that make sense is what we do and what we are passionate about.
Visco Combined Hardware