visualizing digital twins of entire oilfields

VCOG is a lifecycle virtual reality solution.

By connecting enterprize information, simulations and real-time sensor signals to VCOG's virtual reality environment, it becomes a singular gateway to information and a digital twin of complete installations from concept phase to de-commisioning.


COGs are vertical plug-ins to the VCOG platform and are deeply integrated with daily operations.

COGs supports the interplay between enterprize data and workflows with Fit-For-Purpose visuals that provide better spatial and increased situational awareness.



Together with field experts we have designed COGs with Fit-For-Purpose visuals that provide instant insight and is easy to use.


common operational picture

Multiple data-sets are presented in one singular display regardless of where the data is coming from.

The backdrop of the COP is VCOGs dynamic virtual reality environment that provide users with instant understanding of asset integrity and physical locations.


for asset communities

VCOG is delivered as a turn-key site license software available for everybody involved with an oilfield, including operators onshore and offshore teams, contractors and suppliers.


cloud only

VCOG for the entire asset community require availability for everybody at any time. Our streaming solution and hosting services bypass hardware constrains and and is available on computers and mobile devices.


extracting full VALUE

VCOG extract full value of existing investments. Available engineering models are direcly imported into VCOG and transformed into user-friendly interactive virtual reality environments that anybody can relate to.


Unlocks the human potential

The eye is the highway to the brain, and VCOG visualise operations in a way everybody can digest.
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