VCOG transforms the way people work by deeply integrating visualization into everyday work, increasing efficiency and safety and reducing time in the field.

The solution is for Owner-Operators accross asset-driven industries and the people who plan, execute and monitore mission crtical operationes.

What set VCOG apart is our "User First!" approach that provide tools that make it possible to work differently.

"User First" is enabled by a multiexperienced “all-in-one” visualization environment, apps for specific user groups with semantic data models and analytics in the back end.

All-IN-ONE visual environment

VCOG presents entire ecosystems, like oil-fields, smart cities, airports, factories and infrastructure projects.....any complex assets, in one singular visual environment integrating 3D models, point-clouds, photo and video providing a on-location-experience.

Users can navigate from bird-eye view to the innards, and look-up information from underlying data sources regardless of where it is stored.

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SupportS mission critical operations

The VCOG horrizontal platform has vertical capacity to support different user groups with with fit-for-purpose visualization and access to relevant data for the job.

We call it COGs.

Every COG is tailored to directly support planning, execution and monitoring of mission critical operations.VISCO offer field proven COGs for EPCI-, Preparedness, Operation and De-Commissioning.

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DATA MODEL AND analytics

Under the hood, VCOG comes with a semantic data model that organize data from disparate sources. The data model goes hand in hand with analytics that automate manhour intensive activities related to tasks like Risk Based Assessment, Barrier Management, Commissioning and Shut-downs.

VCOG Analytics do also reveal patterns that is hard for human operators to detect and provide a dynamic operational picture that automatically display what you need when you need it, supported by an intelligent navigation systems that points out the most efficient path to go.

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multiexperience and deployment 

VCOG is for the entire Asset Community and comes with a infrastructure supporting multiexperience.

Multiexperience is about making the digital twin available anywhere anytime:

on big multi-touch screens, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartaphones and Oculus VR  and Microsoft's HoloLens glasses.

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VCOG Dgital Twin Solution is delivered Turn-key.

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