Digital twin Of entire eco Systems

VCOG transforms the way Owner-Operators in asset intensive industries work, by utilizing the power of visualization.

What set VCOG apart is the “All-in-One” Digital Replica, COGs that support user groups with Fit-For-Purpose Visualization and Analytics that remove manual work, increase efficiency and reduce PoB.

All-IN-ONE  digital  replica

VCOG presents entire ecosystems like oil-fields, smart cities, airports and infrastrukture projects in one singular Digital Relica.

Users can navigate from bird-eye view to the innards of any vital component, and look-up information from underlying data sources.

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Supporting different user groups with coGS

COGs are like Apps, supporting specific user groups with Fit-For-Purpose visualization by utilizing the Digital Replica.

Every COG is tailored to directly support planning, execution and monitoring of Risk Based Assessment, Commissioning, Work Permits, Inspection, Surveillance...

VISCO offer field proven COGs for EPCI-, Preparedness, Operation and De-Commissioning.

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Automate preparation of relevant data for Risk Based Assessment, Barrier Management, Commissioning and Shut-downs.

Reveals patterns, digitalizes rasterized information and populate the “All-In-One” environment with moving objects based on live position data.

Provides a dynamic operational picture that automatically display what you need when you need it, supported by an intelligent navigation systems that points out the most efficient path to go.

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VCOG is for the entire Asset Community available anywhere anytime and comes with a infrastructure for VR, AR and MR.

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