Horizontal platform with vertical capacity

VCOG is a lifecycle virtual reality platform that follows the asset from the very beginning to the very end. VCOG can connect to any underlying ERP information and sensor signals. This allows vertical COGs to support specific operations at any stage of the life cycle.

a digital replica of your oilfield

VCOG has capacity to handle large files and assemble all engineering models and GIS data into one singular all-in-one 3D environment representing an exact digital replica of your oilfield. You can move seamlessly through your installation, whether it is a plant, platform, subsea, or a combination off all.


Consolidating multiple design formats into one file

For the first time, CAD- , Naviswork- and PDMS models can be consolidated into one singular file without manual modelling. VCOG can even export the consolidated file back to PDMS, saving considerable engineering hours.


The challenge we solve

Only a fraction of the workforce in asset communities is using 3D viewers efficiently. People, typically in Drilling, HSE, Logistics, Operations, Process, Maintenance and Emergency teams, are left working with data-lists and 2D drawings.

VCOG is super easy to use and require no trainingso everbody can use it. When all people in the asset communiyu share the same mental models, only then integrated operations can be truly integrated.


VCOG comes with the best 3D viewer in the industry

Now you can finally benefit from a complete virtual oil field environment. Within five minutes, you are familiar with VCOG's magic seven buttons. PDMS models load instantly and the framerate makes all movement fluent. A navigation system like Google street view ensure you always know where you are and where you are heading. The visual quality is optimizing perception.

VCOG is user friendly and anybody can operate it!


Cloud First open up for more insight

The benefits of gigabytes heavy 3D environments has been limited due to hardware constraints. As a cloud solution, the entire asset community can enter VCOG from any device.


Plug-in virtual reality devices

The latest VR technology opens for a completely new and immersive way of experiencing your assets during development, preparedness and operation.

Any scene in VCOG is ready for connection to Oculus, HoloLens and other devices such as Heads Up Displays, Virtual Reality headsets, Augmented Reality glasses, 360 Treadmills and hand-held touch controls.


Complementary to Subject Matter Expert solutions

By presenting relevant information from SME sw programs in a hollistic virtual reality context, users can quickly be aware of the overall status and dive into the underlying expert systems for more information.

VCOG can be displayed stand-alone or be fully integrated with native SME software, providing seamless visualization support within the host.


.net framework

VCOG is built upon a .net framework for robustness, security and compatibility. The high speed development environment is scalable and platform independent.