VCOG is a end-to-end solution, delivered Turn-Key.

We have tied content handling, services and software into one tidy system that assures a ready-to-use and simple user experience. By this we can do things that other companies simply can’t do.

personalize your asset

By connecting Operators Engineering Numbering System to the 3D environment users have full flexibilty and can look into the asset from an area, discipline, system or function point of view. With your self defined colour scheme, you get a realistic looking model with highlighted point of view. Mini-Maps and Google-Street-View features ensure you will never get lost and you get the fastest route to whatever you are looking for.

We quality check all tags from the engineering models versus Master Tag Register, opening the highway to any enterprise systems.



We collect and organize all your engineering models, seabed data and position data and transform it into an All-In-One 3D environment. It's up to you if you want us to optimize the user experience with maps and google street view features to further enhance navigation. We can check Master Tag Register vs tag numbers in engineering models, report deviations and make user aware of missing tag references to avoid confusion, and we can create a Project Template so you can update the 3D environment when designs change.


Delivery of application

Every client has their own IT philosophy, so we offer a range of opportunities that will meet your requirements for distribution and security. As an option, we highly recommend our “CloudFirst” solution including streaming and hosting making VCOG available on any device.


Training NOT Required

VCOG is designed for a low threshold of entry so you can access your All-In-One 3D environment, navigate and use many features like a pro from the get go. In addition, you can take advantage of our video turtorials to make sure you take advantage of everything VCOG offers. If you insist we do also offer onsite training sessions.



We offer to update VCOG with your latest engineering models and check that MM contractors tags tie into the Master Tag Register. We provide help-desk and technical support to the level you want.


COG development

You may have a unique challenge. If we don't already have the right COG to solve your problem, we'll develop it. As long as we have access to hands-on field experts that know everything about your work processes, then both of us will succeed.

Facilitator on demand

Design review meetings, studies and big engineering challenges can involve a lot of people. That means time and money. Often these meetings have low impact and poor inefficiency. VCOG puts everybody on the same page. If you don’t have people who feel comfortable running VCOG, we will come to you, and facilitate your meeting.