Being at the forefront includes understanding the new possibilities based on visualization technology.

It can be hard for novise to navigate through a landscape that is constantly changing. We know this landscape and can advise you on direction and support every step you take.


We can assist you with the preparation of a comprehensive visualization strategy by defining the content that shall be communicated, the right visualization products, the choice of presentation hardware and screens and how solutions will be distributed cross plattform.

MEDIA room

We can organize, set-up and maintain your media room and distribute it to specified channels.

Our visualization products can be loaded directly on any of your devices through App Store, Goggle.... or Microsoft.


All your assets can be transforemed into 3D models that are easy accessable for everyone in your company. Our 3D viewer is embedde into this web solution so hardware obstacles are bypassed. The same models are ready for any further product development saving time and cost.

on-site SUPPORT

We offer to facilitate design review meetings, between partners and against authorities to secure optimal communication.

We provide on-site support for training, trade fairs and large events including guidance in the selection of hardware and presentation screens.

Visco Sales

back-office support

Our help-desk will guide users through any obstacles and our 24/7 technical back-office support guarntees maximum uptime.



All our products can be available from the cloud. And all products can be prepared for special displays. Thanks to our partnership with leading players we can secure a turnkey solution that works.



We design and produce customized visualization solutions- delivered standalone or tightly integrated with your workflow and business processes.