Interactive Solutions


Visco offer a broad range of interactive solutions.

Our interactive solutions supports sales, marketing and training and are available for mobile devices, desktops, web or big screen setups.

Interactive Presentations

Get an entire showcase at your fingertips with smooth transitions from an overview down to the most detailed features. Ideal for semi big touch displays and desktop solutions.

Technical Presentations

Interactive solutions focus on transforming engineering details into intuitive visuals.

AR - VR - MR

Elevate the experience with extended reality. This is great for collaboration and training.


Configurators enable drag & drop functionality to configure system solutions on the fly. Highly beneficial for companies that have a large product range and provide total solutions.

Digital Showroom

Our theatre setups brings 3D presentations into multi-screen screen environments. Typically used to engage the audience at trade shows or in the lobby. Visco offer complete turnkey solutions and 24/7 support securing that content work along with hardware.