Turning dispatched geometric data into a replica

Session 9: "Success factors in brownfield modifications" - ONS 2018 Technical Sessions - Tuesday 28 August 13.00 - 15.00 at the conference venue in Exhibition Hall 10 (DNB Arena).


Turning dispatched geometric data into a replica

A visual representation of complex assets leads to easier communication, more efficient performance, better planning and higher safety.

Brownfields may lack some or all off the 3D material you expect from Greenfields. Two obvious options are to do a labor-intensive upgrade of your models, or to make without digital support. But there is a third option that might be more interesting for most projects.

Our solutions is to create a simple layout of the installation based on existing materials such as floorplans, GA drawings and layout overview.

The goal is to get a representation of your field that can be connected to different sources, provide spatial awareness and access to relevant information as needed.

It is a quick and easy process where different areas or elevations are represented by simple elements. Even though these elements lack details, they are at a fixed location with a coordinate system. This means that any picture, point cloud from scanning and drones, new models or modifications, bubble-cam, 360s or hot spot, can be placed in the right context.

So, starting from scratch, you integrate your sources of information as they get relevant and available, exchanging footprints and dummies if new and better models get available.

The point here is that you digitize and build your field as you go along without much extra effort. You end up with a singular interface to the previous isolated information. It is searchable, connected and contextual. This way you have support for material handling, as built verification, status and inspection.

If you have a numbering system reflecting location in any form, you can start connecting this information to the right area, elevation or equipment.

We will present how VCOG turns your dispatched data into content for a virtual representation of your brownfield.

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