Digital Twin of entire Oilfields

Session 11: "Digital trends" - ONS 2018 Technical Sessions - Wednesday 29 August 10.00 - 12.00 at the conference venue in Exhibition Hall 10 (DNB Arena).


Digital Twin of entire Oilfields

When you enter virtual reality today, it can be totally immersive. By using displays like Oculus and Hololens you can pick up items, walk through cities and perform together with other people without having to be present at the same location. This is a new situation, it is still in its early start up, and yet it is so powerful that anyone who experience is amazed. Instead of fighting aliens, walk on mars or climb Mount Everest, you can actually enter a subsea installation.

This is where things get interesting. Because now it is not a game anymore. Now it is a powerful tool that let you control your project from early field layout to final shutdown, helping you plan your operations, support interventions and monitor integrity. You can turn on what gamers call "God Mode", giving you complete control of the environment where you can access all the hidden information: see flows through systems, be aware of any pressure changes, patch in live pictures and technical information. The outcome is better spatial and situational awareness by clearly seeing all relevant information without any confusion in one common operational picture.

Digitalization has the capacity to turn the puzzle into a complete picture. And if you utilize the visualization technology right, it is a real game changer, not just a fancy gadget and impressive visuals.

Ormen Lange Subsea Field is the first subsea field ever that is represented by a complete uniformed digital replica. We will showcase VCOG a lifecycle visualization solution and the possibilities Ormen Lange digital replica represents.

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