Fit-For-Purpose Visualization

Session 9: "Success factors in brownfield modifications" - ONS 2018 Technical Sessions - Tuesday 28 August 13.00 - 15.00 at the conference venue in Exhibition Hall 10 (DNB Arena).


Fit-For-Purpose Visualization

Maintenance involves planning, execution and monitoring. All the underlying information is deeply linked to location of physical assets. With condition based maintenance there is more data available than ever before, along with the potential for cutting costs by working smarter.

One challenge is to translate vast amounts of data into immediate insight, another is to easily pinpoint exact positions for findings and inspection.

This is where visualization has its strength. It represent both contextual and spatial awareness provided that the visuals are fit for the purpose.

By displaying the assets in light of the underlying data, you can convey important information like criticality and strategies directly by use of shadings, colors and highlights. This gives you an intuitive understanding of where to focus and why, with the ability to dive into the details as needed.

A physically correct 3D replica of the asset in combination with P&ID`s goes a long way in replacing the need for using isometrics, and the combination is unsurpassed when it comes to spatial awareness. Combined with rule based routines you get a smart solution that highlight areas of interest, where they are, how to get there and then track what you found there for future reference.

This way of using visualization takes you from spreadsheets with thousands of rows and a jungle of drawings to a clear picture of what is going on and how to deal with it.

The solution will be demonstrated using Nyhamna plant as business case.

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