Work smarter

VCOG Meta Twin is an advanced visualization solution for digital twins

Introduction to VCOG



Reduce inspection time in the field by 80%


Decrease planning of isolation work by 70%


Improve deck-management process by 82%


Decrease data search time by 90%


Enhance design AsIs (scans) vs AsBuilt (3D model) by 100%


Increase integrity and Barrier awareness by 80%
In-Depth Functionality

First digital twin RP for oil and gas

VCOG presents entire ecosystems, such as oil fields, smart cities, airports or factories, into one comprehensive visual environment. It integrates 3D models, point clouds, photos, diagrams and video, bringing users into an on-location experience that is an integrated 3D virtual world. You can have a birds’ eye view of the assets or you can look up close at details while relating instantly to information from underlying data sources. This means that people can instantly understand data that has previously been out of reach.


provides the right information to the right people at the right time to take the right decisions

VCOG is a Digital Twin solution which fuses disparate data and information across the entire operational space into a single visual knowledge sharing environment of the entire ecosystem to streamline Owner-Operators operational processes and the ability to work safer and smarter subsurface, subsea, topside and onshore.

  • changes the way people work for the better
  • presents entire ecosystems in an All-In-One visualization environment
  • visualize data and information in a location- and context-aware manner
  • seamlessly integrates 3D models, scans and photo into a singular view
  • uses visualization techniques to transform data into instant knowledge
  • supports  tablets, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality
  • proofing business impact
  • supports mission critical operations with fit-for-purpose visualization
  • lives up to DNVs ‘Recommended practice’ for Digital Twins


VCOG is a system of insight, where every critical component in VCOGs visual environment is connected to data sources provided by Owner-Operator. The visual environment represents all installations in an asset driven ecosystem and function as a gateway to any to any source of truth. Data can come in any form any type of static, historicals or event data from unlimited system of records. With higher connectivity the more intelligent the visualization environment becomes.

This is a new workspace where people can plan, familiarize, execute and monitor mission critical operations.


Please download our VCOG Presentation for more details on benefits, functionality, deployment and technology.



Using the Dynamic Digital Twin, the Isolation work went from the common half an hour to just under three minutes (and that includes the time I took to note my progress)

Eric AndersenArea Authority | BP Argos

The simplicity of accessing information about equipment with just a click is extremely impressive. Offshore maintenance planner positions will be transitioning to onshore

J.R. JohnsonMaintenance Planner | BP America

Finding position of a subsea valve took me less than a minute in VCOG compared to 45 minutes(+) with our conventional solution

Oliver HardingHW Lead | Shell

VCOG is transformational and is helping us perform better during project execution and in life of a field

Torgeir GjersvikPrinciple System Engineering | TechnipFMC


DNV has been running a 7 months assessment of VCOGs “New Way of Working” in relation to Governance, Org-&-People, Processes, Performance, Arch and tools, Standards, Sensor-sys and Data-Quality.

VCOG comes out with high Maturity Level scoring results within all domains.

“Too much of the debate on Digital Twins has been fixated on analytics to come, when the real prize for businesses actually lies in here-and-now solutions supported by intuitive visualizations that are fully integrated business processes and underlying data sources. Such applications appeal to our deep-seated human senses and improve our abilities to act in the physical world.”

Øystein Stray