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We are happy to announce that PIKSELSMIA animation studio in Ålesund is becoming part of VISCO!

PIKSELSMIA was established in 2003 as the inhouse 3D department at Global Maritime AS. In 2015 PIKSELSMIA became an independent studio, continuing its tradition of high-quality 3D visualization for industrial companies.

Terje Tuene, CEO PIKSELSMIA: “With our passion for 3D we transform your thoughts and ideas into unique imagery that conveys your message clearly and concisely. Now we’ve found a home at VISCO that shares our passion”.

Øystein Stray, CEO VisCo: “Acquiring PIKSELSMIA strengthens our position as the leading 3D visualization Company serving industrial blue chips globally. Our accumulative knowledge with unique mix of creativity and deep domain experience is now without comparison.  Pikselsmia will contribute to the immersive experience of our VCOG Meta Twin and to making our OSCAR 3D films, OCTAGA 3D interactive and VCON 3D virtual assemblies the industry’s highest standards”.

“Creating Visuals. Making Sense…That’s what we do and that’s what we’re passionate about!”

We are happy to announce that XVISION animation studio is becoming part of VISCO

Xvision brings 16 years of experience within industrial visualization and our combined expertise establishes us as the Global leading industrial visualization Company” says CEO of VISCO Øystein Stray.

Advanced visualization solutions and industrial metaverses for complex asset driven industries require creativity and deep domain experience and our joint knowledge base will be without comparison.

“At XVISION we have been committed to using groundbreaking technology to help our customers, while producing the best thinkable visual storytelling. Now we’ve found a home at VISCO that shares our passion” says CEO of XVISION Jon Sverre Høiden.

Øystein Stray continues, “acquiring XVISION with their knowledgebase will make our VCOG Meta Twin more immersive, take our OSCAR 3D films, OCTAGA 3D interactive and our VCON 3D configurator to the next level”.

XVISION’S “We bring imagination to life” fits perfectly well into VISCO’s business idea: “Creating Visuals. Making Sense” and together we will make sure that our vision fullfils our clients’ needs: “See More. Perform Better”.

What a stunning visualization year to come!

Our Philosophy

We bring visualization into everyday business operations, in a way that has never been done before.

Let’s re-define the workspace and create new levels of efficiency, sustainability, safety and job satisfaction.

Change the way you work for the better.

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What They’re Saying

Visco have been instrumental in developing animated media to support the deployment of TechnipFMC’s Gemini™ ROV system. Truly impressive end result.

Peter MacInnesMarketing Director, TechnipFMC

Finding position of a subsea valve took me less than a minute in VCOG compared to 45 minutes(+) with our conventional solution

Oliver HardingHW Lead, Shell

An Inspection task that was estimated to 13.5 hour by SAP, was done in 50 minutes with VCOG

Trond Netland JacobsenSr. Inspection Engineer – EKOJ – ConocoPhillips

VCOG is transformational and is helping us perform better during project execution and in life of a field

Torgeir GjersvikPrinciple System Engineering, TechnipFMC