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Imagine being able to access all of the information you need to make informed decisions and complete tasks efficiently, in one central location. 

With a digital twin technology, that’s exactly what you get.

By connecting all data, such as vendor information, maintenance schedules, sensors, and 3D scans, to a real-time 3D immersive world, your company can benefit from improved efficiency and enhanced safety, as well as substantial cost savings.

Improved efficiency:

With all relevant data and information at your fingertips, you can easily access and use this information to make informed decisions and complete tasks more efficiently.

This means less time spent searching for information and more time spent focusing on what matters most – driving your business forward.

Enhanced safety:

By using a 3D immersive world, you can safely and accurately visualize and plan out tasks before they are carried out, reducing the risk of accidents or mistakes.

This can help to ensure the safety of your employees and protect your company’s reputation.

Substantial cost savings:

By streamlining processes and reducing the need for physical inspections and maintenance, a digital twin technology can help your company save time and money.

With fewer resources spent on manual tasks, you can redirect those resources towards driving growth and innovation.


As technology continues to evolve, a digital twin platform can easily be updated and expanded to meet the changing needs of your company.

This means that you can invest in a technology that will grow and evolve with your business, helping you stay competitive and thrive in the long run.

Plants & Refineries

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Oil & Gas

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Oliver HardingHW Lead Shell

“Finding position of a subsea valve took me less than a minute in VCOG compared to 45 minutes(+) with our conventional solution”

Eric AndersenArea Authority | BP Argos

“Using the Dynamic Digital Twin, this work went from the not-common half an hour to just under three minutes (and that includes the time I took to note my progress)”

Trond Netland JacobsenSr. Inspection Engineer – EKOJ – ConocoPhillips

“A generic Inspection task including check of 49 valves was according to SAP estimated to 13.5 hour was done in 50 minutes with VCOG.”

Ørjan HoffSenior Facilities Engineer, Vår Energi AS

“You don’t now how good it is. It’s magic and it helps me in my everyday job”

J.R. JohnsonMaintenance Planner | BP America

“The simplicity of accessing information about equipment with just a click or two is extremely impressive. Offshore maintenance planner position will be transitioning to onshore.”

a New way of working

Instant Insight

V-COG is a live visual representation of your assets, making it easy to access any relevant information by clicking on an object. Tag info, Work status, P&ID’s, Live data, maintenance information, and much more.

Collaborate from any location

V-COG supports cross-functional teams, break up silos, and harness more institutional knowledge by gathering all relevant data in ONE solution – Regardless of geographical locations.

Access on all devices

All users can access VCOG via a multitude of devices. Large touch screens for collaborative tasks, – VR glasses for training, – Desktop PC for General planning and evaluation, – Hand held devices for on-site inspection.

Enter the Metaverse

VCOGs multiuser VR experience with avatars, support collaboration and familiarization and allow planners and field operators to meet in space from remote location and can walk the inspection routes bringing people up to speed before going offshore.


What types of data does VCOG handle?

3D (PDMS, CAD, Point clouds, 360 images), video streams, documents as well as all kinds of IT and OT (RT and non-RT) data sources.

The platform collects data from various sources, including EAM and CMMS systems, plant engineering software, TAG registers, and document management systems, and uses a common data model to build a digital twin of your asset.

Does VCOG integrate with SAP and other data systems?

Our solution can connect directly to SAP, OSIsoft PI System, Hexagon SmartPlant solutions, Aveva Solutions and Siemens COMOS or via middleware through client provided APIs or URLs.

Is VCOG available for Brownfield?

vCog is available for Brownfields with disparate data and low-quality models as well as high digital maturity Greenfield assets.

We have experience from several Brownfield projects – from refineries to offshore installations.

How long time does it take to implement VCOG?

Setting up VCOG Basic with surface installations typically represented by RVM and ATT files (PDMS models) takes normally 6-8 weeks including optimization, texturing, ENS integrations, setting up Field-maps and Mini-maps, integration with Master Tag Register and P&IDs and provide Tag Reconciliation Report.

Refreshing the PDMS model in this case can be automated.

How does the solution manage of time series?

  • Time series data is connected to AZURE IoT HUB and real-time data is transferred to VCOG directly for instant display.
  • Historians are stored in AZURE TS Insight,
  • 2D visualization is done in AZURE TS Insight Explorer and further integrated in relevant COG together with 3D environment, schematics and relevant data securing a complete user experience.

How much data can VCOG handle?

VCOGs MetaTwin is an “All-In-One-Visualization Environment” that displays entire eco-systems represented by 3D, scans and panorama, billons of polygons, in one singular interface.

In an oil and gas context the eco-system is typically representing the entire oilfield with all platform installations at surface connected to subsea environments with subsea components and pipelines correctly placed at seabed based on position data and bathymetry data, subsea installations are further connected to the sub-surface environment with well paths and reservoirs columns based on xyz coordinates.

Does VCOG integrate with MS Azure?

  • The solution has full integration with Azure and its services.
  • VCOG supports all Microsoft related integrations.
  • Our customer base, Owner-Operators, has over the last years moved or are in the process of making the relevant data available in the Azure environment and our knowledge base has consequently migrated from directly integration with legacy systems to interfacing Azure services.
  • Today VCOG by default lives inside our clients’ Azure tenants and thanks to our major customers we have a close relation with Microsoft.

Does VCOG offer data quality management and control?

VCOG and “Data-Quality” has been assessed and assured by DNV in accordance with RP-A204 – Recommended Practice for Digital Twins – “Qualification and assurance of digital twins”, and VCOG’s “organizational maturity score” was in the high range.

(DnVs “Statement of Capability” can be downloaded here:

Is the solution cloud native?

VCOG is not a SaaS solution, but lives inside our clients’ tenants and VCOG is deployed to whatever cloud environment that our clients prefer such as Azure, AWS, Google, Private cloud, etc.

Hardware Requirements?

  • If VCOG is deployed in the cloud, there are no HW requirements for end points. Any client device can be used. All processing and rendering are done remotely.
  • Local installation requires 4 cores CPU, 16GB of RAM, 4 GB of GPU and SSD.

VCOG at a glance

Advanced Visualization
Advanced visualization solution for digital twins developed by visCo displaying entire ecosystems in one singular view seamlessly integrating 3D, scans and panorama pictures with relevant data.
Instant Insight
People are collaborating, planning, executing, and monitoring critical workflows in VCOG’s unified virtual world.

All data is contextualized, providing instant insight and real-time situational awareness.

End-to-end Workflows
VCOG is taking business operations into metaverse. In this 3D virtual collaborative environment people can plan, familiarize, execute, and monitor workflows in a way that has never been done before.

VCOG has a proven track record of optimizing and re-engineering work processes, for the better.

Support Brownfield & Greenfields

System of insight
System of Insight that aggregates and present data from System of Records

Singular gateway

Singular gateway to relevant data regardless of where it is stored.

Access on all devices

Big touch screens, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, SmartPhones, Oculus VR headset and HoloLens Mixed Reality glasses.

User friendly

Intuitive and easy to master interface.


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“Too much of the debate on digitalization has been fixated on data in general, when the real impact on businesses lies in intuitive visualizations, deeply integrated with workflows and only the data that is relevant to do the job. Such solution appeal to the strongest sensor we have, the eye, and improve our abilities to act in the physical world.”

Øystein Stray



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