automated 3D model assembly tool

Automate Assemblies with Artificial Intelligence

VCON fuses AI with prepared meta data and a fit for purpose front end 

where you can generate customised 3D assemblies in real time

Complex Assemblies

VCON is effective in any industry where lots of parts and complex assemblies need to be customized based on properties in physical environments and processes

Semantic Networks

With VCON, meta data is fused with an AI semantic network to assemble everything in real time.

Intuitive Solution

VCON delivers an intuitive, fit for purpose workflow with real-time 3D rendering.

3D Assembly files can be exported directly into major engineering and planning software.

Developed by data and AI experts

We prepare your models according to the correct level of information and geometry required in your assemblies

This acts as a component toolbox and basis for our creation of reference models with defined connection points that work in an AI semantic network.

The final step is to structure your data base and implement it within the VCON automated assembly tool.