Visco AS announced winner of 2021 Supplier Recognition Award

In 2015 Conoco Phillips started their annual Supplier Recognition Awards program to recognize suppliers who have made a real impact on our business and honor them for exhibiting exceptional leadership that celebrates our SPIRIT Values. Awards are given in two categories reflecting our corporate goals and priorities – focus on execution and doing business betler. Suppliers were nominated by our business units around the globe and winners chosen by a cross-functional panel of senior leaders.

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BP devises VCOG ‘dynamic’ digital twin for Argos

“We first had to change the mindset of how people think about a process through disruption, by changing the way a pro-cess or task was performed,” Nguyen says.

Digital Twin

The process led to the development of what Nguyen calls a “dynamic” digital twin, along with immersive tools to enable visualisation, and automation to handle routine tasks so that “facility staff can focus on higher-value tasks that require a human touch”.

There is a complete dynamic digital train that shows everything from the oil-water contact line in the reservoir, the well path to the top-hole location, subsea trees, and flowlines up to the Argos’ topsides, using real-time data to create that visualisation.

We leave this data in place in the system record, pulling and aggregating them in real time to present, in a meaningful way, at that moment in time,” he says.

Visco’s ‘uniform virtual world’ assured by DNV

By bringing in DNV, Visco has had their processes and methodologies thoroughly reviewed by DNV’s data technology and digital twin experts. The assessment concludes that Visco has a robust system that provides a single visual environment of the entire asset allowing users to work safer and smarter. Further, their operations has a high level of organisational maturity as defined in DNV-RP-A204. Now, as a small company, they can refer to DNV’s quality assurance and statement of capabilities to build credibility and help customers understand and trust their offerings.