VCOG Meta Twin

Visco’s ‘uniform virtual world’ assured by DNV

Visco helps companies understand and act on their asset data through an integrated digital twin ecosystem focused on visualization and presenting relevant information brought in from different systems. Their solution, VCOG, is used by major oil and gas owner-operators and has now been independently assessed and assured by DNV.

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Figure: VCOG represents a new workspace where people can collaborate, plan, execute and monitor mission critical asset operations in a lifelike visualization environment fused with data from digital twins and other relevant data sources. (Image from Visco)

“We are the metaverse of the oilfields,” says Øystein Stray, one of the original founders of Visco, which started making visualization solutions on the ecosystem level for the Norwegian offshore industry in 2000. “We are taking away the silos and bringing the users into a uniform virtual world,” he says.

Pure Cycle Technology is planning with VCOG on all 50 factories

VCOG MetaTwin is on PCT’s digital roadmap and all assets will be available in VCOGs metaverse – A new workspace where people can collaborate, plan, execute and monitor critical asset operations in a virtual world fused with digital twin data enabling people to work safer and more efficient.

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